Customized Multipole magnetic pole NdFeB Magnet 6pole8pole36pole

Customized Multipole magnetic pole NdFeB Magnet 6pole8pole36pole

Model No.︰N48M

Brand Name︰NFM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 180 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

NdFeB magnetsNeodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), is the strongest and permanent magnet available today. With high remanence, high coercive force, and huge energy. It is easily formed into various shape and sizes, and belong to one of the most widely used magnetic materials. Neodymium magnets like NdFeB magnets are specially created to be suitable for the development of high-performance, compact, and light products. For round shape, the min diameter can be done is 1mm, the max out diameter can be done is 240mm.
We have the advantage of this big size neodymium magnets for sale at great price. Low weight loss product, Low-temperature coefficient product, low deviation angle product, and radial oriented ring magnet are our featured products.
Low weight loss product: under bigger temperature, pressure and high humidity, the weight loss level of uncoated Neodymium magnets reflect the corrosion resistance ability of a bare magnet, it is highly related to the serving life of application products.
Low-temperature coefficient product: we use our own optimized formula and advanced production technics improved and enhanced the Neodymium magnets temperature resistance ability, which gets better thermo stabilization and less demagnetization in the same grade. Low deviation angle product: Generally speaking, sensors have higher standard for magnetic angle deviation.
Our professional team, advanced equipment, and well-trained QC staff, makes NdFeB magnets and neodymium magnets have a very high qualified rate of low deviation angle. It depends on the dimensions and requirements. Low deviation angle product was mostly used in sensor application with big requirement and huge quantity. In order to meet the requirement from clients, we worked together with test equipment company to research and develop full-automatic deviation angle tester, which can be bought and used to inspect magnets in past years, it ensures our shipping product 100% qualified.
Radial oriented ring magnet:Ring magnet magnetized in the radial direction is developed successfully which is using shaping method by new multiple radiation orientation, and meet different requirements of permanent motors.
This type of Neodymium magnets fundamentally changed the past situation where radial ring magnet only relied on the magnetic tile assembly, and hugely improved the performance of the motor. The popular poles including: 2 poles, 4 poles, 8 poles, 10 poles, 12 poles, etc, the number of poles and the skew angle were decided by the magnetizing tooling.
It was widely used in the application of robotics and industry automatic production line, etc.

The Neodymium magnets and especially NdFeB magnets  are most often used with generators and motors, such as Linear or Servo motors, Wind power generators, Compressor motors, Automotive drive motors, Instrumentation, Automotive sensors, Medical equipment, Audio equipment, Home theater, Wind turbines or even Magnetic tools, etc.

Multi-pole Radial Ring is a new type of ring magnet, produced by special technology. By this technology, surface magnetic flux can reach top level, about 50%-100% higher than the arc magnets and radial ring magnets. The surface flux is distributed by sine wave shape. Because of its high surface gauss, it can remarkably raise the efficiency of motors efficiency, and it also helps motor to be light-weight and save raw materials.These make it to be a good choice for high-performance motors.


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