Laminated Magnet Eddy Current Loss Permanent Magnets Laminated

Laminated Magnet Eddy Current Loss Permanent Magnets Laminated

Model No.︰N28AH

Brand Name︰NFM

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Laminated Magnets, Laminated Arc and Block Permanent Magnets, Rare Earth NdFeB and SmCo lamination magnet, Segmentation Technology Layered Magnet, Laminated Magnetic Assemblies.Laminated magnets can reduce eddy current Loss in high efficiency motors.
High efficiency demands the best materials, and the laminated rare earth magnets are proven to reduce eddy current losses in high efficiency motors. Fewer eddy current losses means lower heat and greater efficiency.Technical requirement:
1.The thickness of insulating layers is within 0.04mm.
2. In normal temperature, the bond strength of insulating layers can reach more than 50Mpa.
3. The maximum working temperature can reach 200 ℃.
4. The whole geometric tolerance is within 0.05mm.
5. These small magnets are insulated from each other.
Application scope:
Now aerospace, automotive, motorsport, and industrial markets are turning to laminated rare earth magnets, and are working to balance the tradeoff between power and heat.
To reduce magnetic eddy current loss

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